MyCSULB: Helpful Guide to Access CSULB Login Portal 2022

MyCSULB Login : Csulb Okta Login 2022👈

MyCSULB Login Portal is the only method to access students’ Portal panel. California State University is one of the largest urban, comprehensive, and large universities within The 23 campus CSU System in the US.

CSULB University is known for its top-quality education and works intending to make the student’s future bright. CSU strives to reduce tuition costs for students to a minimum.

CSU has a tuition rate of just $2871 for full-time undergraduates and the option to pay by Check and E-Check, Credit Card, and foreign currency.

About MyCSULB Login Portal 2022👈

California State University Long Beach is a specifically designed MyCSULB beach board website for its employees and students. Users can log in to the login portal from any location and at any time.

Visit Official Website

The login portal allows employees to access their schedules, students’ information, including pay stubs and rewards, CSULB student center, insurance plans, sign up in, change personal details, and access other CSULB related information.

Students can control their profiles, submit assignments, communicate with their teachers, make fee payments, and view their progress reports, their to-do lists, and many other things completed through my CSULB portal.

MyCSULB Login Process👈

👉  Start your browser on the internet and then go to, then go to the official website.

👉  Visit the Mycsulb student center’s website, then click “Single Sign-On portal.”

👉  Now, enter your CSULB email address/username/Campus ID and password given at the admissions.

👉  Once you’ve entered, click after entering, click on the “Sign In” button. Then you’re able to access the portal.


You also can access my csulb portal from your smartphone by using the mycsulb app.

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Steps to Reset CSULB Password👈

👉  Go to the Mycsulb official website –


👉  Click on “Need help signing in” under the sign-in button.


👉  Click on the forget password link to create a new password.

👉  Then, enter the Campus ID number and date of birth in the appropriate column and click Next.

👉  After filling in your information after filling in the information, you’ll receive a reset password email sent to the email you used to sign up.

👉  Click the link and type in your new password. Reconfirm it.

How to Activate your MyCSULB Account?👈

👉  Visit your MyCSULB login page, and then click on the Activate Account button.

👉  Click on”need assistance signing-in” to access the “need help signing in” option to activate your account link.


👉  Enter your 9-digit Campus ID number and the date of birth, and go to the next.

👉  Now, fill in your correct addresses, contact information, make a password and answer security questions. Security questions can help you recover your user ID and password if you lose your password and need to enable your account.

👉  If you agree to their conditions and conditions policy and then proceed.

👉After completing the procedure, you will receive a welcome email on your registered/associated email address in a few minutes.

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Csulb Microsoft Login 👈

Office 365 is a Microsoft home-use product that gives CSULB faculty, staff , and students to access the following programs and services free of charge for their devices, as in connection to the university:

⏩ How can I connect to Office 365?

  1. Go to your CSULB Single Sign-On page and sign in using you CSULB username and email.
  2. Select your Office 365 chiclet button.

⏩ What happens if I’m no anymore connected to CSULB?

You’re allowed to use the time frame before losing access to Office 365. The files stored on the OneDrive for Business account OneDrive for business are contingent on whether you’re either a student, employee or faculty member.

  • If you are a CSULB faculty and you leave the university, you’ll lose the access you have to Office 365 and the files saved in the cloud storage of OneDrive for Business 365 days after you have left the university.
  • If you are a CSULB employee, you will be denied the access you have to Office 365 and the files saved in the cloud storage of OneDrive for Business immediately after your departure.
  • If you’re a CSULB student, then you’ll be denied the access you have to Office 365 and the files saved in the cloud storage of OneDrive for Business 120 days after the time you graduate.

How to log into mycsulb 👈

  1. Go to
  2. This will lead you to the Campus Single Sign on-page.
  3. Enter your CSULB Email Address.
  4. After that, you need to enter your password.
  5. Then, click “Sign On” to log in to Your student’s center.
  6. Visit the student center to see your details.

CSULB Login Portal

How to set your preferred first name in mycsulb

There are limitations on what can be considered a student’s preferred name. It is not allowed to have a name, contain offensive or inappropriate words, and not be used to facilitate misleading.

To change the name, you prefer to use mycsulb.

✅ Within the personal Information section, click on the Names link.

✅ Click “Request Preferred Name Change” and click the “Request preferred name change” button.

✅ Enter your preferred first name in the field below…

✅ Click “Submit” “Submit” click.

✅ Your chosen name request will be listed with the Name Type “Requested.”

The time frame for processing preferred first name changes takes about three business days. You will receive an email confirmation after it has been approved and updated within the system.

The email you provide will be updated to reflect the name you prefer within two business days following Enrollment Services approves your request.

How to accept/decline admission offer 👈

Follow the steps below to accept or deny your CSULB admission offer through MyCSULB.

  1. Choose the “Accept/Decline” option in the admissions area within the Student Center or select the “Accept/Decline” link from the My Applications display box.
  2. Examine your admission offer. Select”Next” to proceed “Next” button to either accept or deny admission for the period you have submitted your request. If you are not ready to decide now, press” Exit” and click the “Exit” option.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to confirm your choice for the duration you submitted your request. Hit on the “Accept” button when you’ve decided to enroll at CSULB. Then click”Decline” if you have decided to decline the “Decline” button in case you’ve decided not to go to CSULB.
  4. If you want to continue accepting your enrollment and to pay the non-refundable Enrollment Deposit online using a credit card or electronic check, click on the “Pay Online Now” button.
  5. Hit to click the “Confirm Yes” button. If you don’t want to choose at this moment, press “Exit” or click the “Exit” icon.
  6. If you’d like to pay this non-refundable $150.00 Registration Deposit, click the “Make an Online Payment” button. Select the “Cancel Payment” Cancel payment” button in case you don’t want to complete the payment at the moment.
  7. You will be taken onto the CSULB payment site (CASHNet) to pay your non-refundable $150.00 enrollment deposit. Press the radio button to indicate the payment method you’ll be using, and then select the “Continue Checkout “Continue to check out” button.
  8. If you’re making a payment via electronic check, make sure you have your bank account details readily available and fill them into the appropriate fields. Once you’ve completed entering the details for your payment, select”Continue Checkout” or click the “Continue Pay” button.
  9. If you’re making a payment using a credit card, make sure that you have the information for your credit card account easily accessible and input it in the fields that correspond to it. After you’ve completed entering your payment details, then select”Continue Checkout” or click the “Continue check out” button.
  10. Verify that the information you entered is correct, and then click on the “Submit Pay” button. When the transaction is accepted, you will be able to see buttons to “Email an Additional Receipt” and “View the Receipt in PDF.”
  11. Click on the “Return to MyCSULB” button to close the CSULB payment site (CASHNet) screen. Select the “Next” icon.
  12. You will receive an email confirmation informing you that you have successfully accepted acceptance into the University and that you have paid the non-refundable enrollment deposit.

How to enroll in early start classes in mycsulb 👈

After you have confirmed that you have selected your early start Selection(s) and been accepted into University, you can begin the Early Start course(s).

  1. Click on ‘Enroll in Early Start’ at the bottom of the Early Start Program page on mycsulb.
  2. Click on”Search.” Click on the “Search” button below the “Class Search option.
  3. Following the details you have received on the Early Start Program page regarding your location, you can select the relevant Course Subject.
  4. Click”Select.” Click on the “Select” button next to the class section that matches the date and time requirements. Click on the link for the team to get more information about the class.
  5. After you have chosen your course, the Enrollment Preferences Page will appear. Click”Next. “Next” option to continue.
  6. After the class you’ve selected is included in the shopping cart, click the “Proceed to Step 2 of 3 “Proceed through Step 3 of 2” button.
  7. Select the classes you want to add to your list and click the “Finish Enrollment” button.
  8. The system will show the status of every enrollment request. Make sure you review the error message and error messages.
  9. Confirm your schedule by clicking “My My Class Schedule”.
  10. You can see your current schedule and the status. You will also be able to view the date and time and date, the room and instructor details for each class you have requested.
  11. If you don’t qualify for this Early Start Fee Waiver, you will get the following message when trying to sign up for Early Start.
  12. To pay your tuition, choose the “Make Payment” button below in the “Finances” area in the Student Center.

Watch the degree planner video in the following video.

Overview of CSULB Degree Planner

Csulb Student Center Guide 👈

Suppose you’re a student at CSULB and can access your materials from home. All you need to do is log in to your Students Account, and you’ll be able to access complete assignments, notifications, and any important announcements from CSULB via the portal.

You must follow a few steps to gain access to your student center.

👉  MyCSULB button. Go to the official CSULB website, and then click MyCSULB

👉  You will need your ID from the campus and password to sign in to the student portal.

FAQ About Mycsulb Login 👈

⏩ What is CSULB degree planner?

CSULB The Degree Planner is a brand new online tool that allows most post-baccalaureate and undergraduate students to plot their entire academic journey to graduation. Select “Degree Planner” from the Student Center in MyCSULB to begin.

⏩ What is CSULB schedule of classes?

The Schedule of Classes lets you search for courses by subject and course type, instruction method, GE area, day and time, courses with open seats, and more.

You can find up-to-the-minute details on the course’s offerings through the “Search” link within the Academics section or click on the “Search for classes” button within the MyCSULB Student Center.

⏩ How do I view my CSULB application status?

Go to the “Admissions Inquiry” hyperlink in the Admissions section of the Student Center in MyCSULB to look up your admissions information for the most current request term(s).

Examine all of the admission Application Information. When you can have multiple active applications, select the term you’d like to review.

The blue hyperlinks at the bottom of the screen link you to different sections of the Student Center within MyCSULB.

⏩ How do I view my schedule and enrolment status?

When you are registered in classes or have made any changes to your schedule for classes, You can check your schedule and current status.

If you’re on a waiting list, you’ll be able to see an update of “Waiting” as well as your spot at the top of the list. You’ll be able to view the time and day of your class and the date, room, and instructor’s information for your courses.

To view the Add-Drop Deadlines or Withdrawal Deadlines for your class, use to view the class calendar by clicking on it. You can see a visual calendar by clicking on the radio button beside “Weekly Calendar View” on the My Class Schedule page.

⏩ How do I log into MyCSULB?

  1. Navigate to
  2. This will take you to the Campus Single Sign on page.
  3. Enter you CSULB Email Address.
  4. Then, enter your password.
  5. Next, click on “Sign In” to access your student center.
  6. Navigate the student center to view your personal info.

⏩ How do I find my student ID Csulb?

The Campus ID you have can be described as the nine-digit code at the bottom left-hand part of each Enrollment Services communication. Please note this number since it is required for accessing your admission information.

⏩ How do I activate my Csulb account?

Visit the CSULB Password Utility and choose the next option. After that, type in the new CSULB Email address (found on your application confirmation email) as well as follow the steps to set your password for your account.

⏩ How do I change my address with Csulb?

Step 1: Find the address you’d like to change and click the blue link that indicates the type of address (i.e. Mailing Address or the Home Address) within the Contact Information tab of the Student Center. Step 2: Select the address you want to update and click the “edit” link.

⏩ How do I log into my portal to Csulb?

  1. Go to the Web CMS login page.
  2. Use your CSULB ID number for ‘Beach ID’
  3. Use your MyCSULB password for ‘Password’
  4. Click ‘Login’


CSULB Helpdesk Team is always willing to assist anyone who has an issue login into the MyCSULB account. Contact them via mail at or by calling 562.985.4959.