Csulb Immigration Check-In

How to do Csulb Immigration Check-In

Are you interested in knowing how to go about csulb Immigration Check-in? If so, then you’re at the right spot. In this article, you will be able to help you with an immigration-related check-in. We will provide you with a follow step-by-step guide to complete your immigration screening at CSULB.

Before checking in, make sure you’re aware of certain things.

  • If you’ve just arrived in the USA, you are allowed three days to verify your identity following your arrival.
  • If you’re not yet in the US and you are not yet in the US, hold off until you get there.
  • If you’re living in the US, you should check at the moment you get your I-20.

Required Documents for Immigration Check-In at CSULB

  • Csulb I-20
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Your entry stamp or the i-94 card.

You are only able to submit the entry stamp or i-94 once you arrive in the US. This is the reason you must arrive in the US for your check-in.

Exceptional Cases in Which You Will Need Extra Documentation

There are many instances in which CSULB students might require additional documentation to check in for immigration at Csulb. The following areas are in question:

  • If you have changed your visa status successfully in the US, such as switching from a B Visa to an F visa, you’ll require the I-797 form of approval you obtained from USCIS.
  • If your government is sponsoring you, then you’ll need financial assurance documents.
  • If you’re a Canadian student who has received the F1 stamp at the border, you’ll need to present the entry stamp or i-94.

How to Scan Document for Immigration Check-in at CSULB?

Csulb Immigration Check-In

It is enough to scan your files to upload them and then proceed to your check here’s. This is reviewing your documents with your smartphone:

  • The first step is to download any scanning application via your Playstore as well as the AppStore. Start the app, then scan the documents.
  • A background that is contrasted with the darker hue could scan an additional document. If necessary, you must crop it.
  • The image should only be the document. Make sure that the document can be read. Once you’ve done that, please select the file type to be saved, PDF or JPEG, and then keep it.
  • When you can, be aware of shadows, your fingers on the paper of the document or folds, as well as any variation.

CSULB Immigration Check-In Process

After you have all the documents in order, let’s begin by checking the session at CSULB. Before you start reviewing the session, you must go to the email that came from CSULB.

  • The email contains an address to the checking page. The first step is downloading and filling the check form, which can be filled out in PDF.
  • After you’ve completed it, you need to save it as a pdf and save it as you’re planning to upload your session. Click here to start your session.
  • Section one is a mandatory government condition for f1 status. I was hoping you could go through the website of my CSULB to enter your current US address, the number of the phone, and your email.
  • In the second section in section two, you’ll upload your document one at a time and upload them to the appropriate location. This window allows sponsor students to include the financial guarantees documents.
  • In the final section, you can fill out the release form to decide if the school has the right to utilize your photograph. Take your time and carefully read the paper before selecting the appropriate option.
  • On this final page, you’ll find important dates and web links, like immunizations, health insurance, as well as the initiation phase of the deadline.
  • We recommend that you capture a photo or note down this information.
  • The first and last name. Once you press next on the previous page to input.

This article is about how to check-in for immigration at CSULB. We hope that this guide will be helpful to you and that you can effortlessly check in. If you still have any queries or concerns, we can be reached by leaving a comment.

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