How to review CSULB Student request to withdraw

How to review CSULB Student request to withdraw

Students can withdraw from a class or a few classes in the initial two weeks after enrolling at CSULB. If students are asked to leave your style, you’ll receive an email notification on your email address associated with your faculty account at mycsulb.

You can check all requests coming from the mycsulb faculty center and decide whether or not to accept the request via the faculty center. In the faculty center, you can also check the student’s decision to withdraw from the class.

This is why, in this article, we’ll discuss the best way to look over withdrawal requests from students and other related information to student withdrawal. Let’s get started!!

Mycsulb Faculty Center

Csulb has developed the mycsulb’s faculty center for the staff of California State University, Long Beach. The faculty center offers various tools that can assist csulb faculty in their teaching and take advantage of scholarships, services and others.

The team can connect with the college administration, receive advice and guidance, provide mentoring and create an environment to resolve their problems. You can also contact the assistance here to address their issues and questions.

Student Withdraw Request Review Step by Step Guide

You can view the request of a student to withdraw from your class online using the account of your Mycsulb Faculty Center account. Follow these steps:

  • You’ll be required to log into the MyCSULB Faculty Center to approve or refuse the request.
  • On Your Faculty Center, select the Worklist link located near the top. Your Worklist will list the requests that are currently waiting for review. You’ll have to either decide whether or not to approve each request listed in your Worklist.
  • To examine your request, click on the link. The new webpage will be displayed with the details of the request.
  • The summary of withdrawal on the left contains details about the number of units the student had previously pulled out.
  • Below the Summary of Withdrawal, You’ll find the name of the student, their school, and the reasons behind the withdrawal, as well as any evidence they’ve submitted.
  • Before you decide whether or not to approve this request, you can include a comment of your using “Add Comments.
  • Choose the Approve or Deny button. If you decide to approve this request, you will proceed to the next stage of the procedure.
  • If you reject the request, then your student is informed of the decision and the request not be considered through approval.

If a student’s request is accepted by the instructor, department chair, and department chair, the student will receive the “W” grade. “W” grades appear on your grade list immediately. If you decide to approve or decline the requested request, you can go back on your Worklist to look over any remaining requests. If there are no outstanding requests, return them To My Schedule.


A student may request to withdraw at the maximum of 18 during the CSULB undergraduate time. You can order your mycsulb student center account following self-service registration. If you can prove that you have a valid legitimate reason, the request will be deemed accurate. If not.

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