CSULB Technology Helpdesk

Are you experiencing any difficulties with accessing information from CSULB or mycsulb’s student centre? If so, this article can be helpful to you. The article, we’ll be discussing the help desk at mycsulb IT assistance and the resources.

You’ll also learn how to use the different functions of our newly developed Information Technology (IT) Help system. You’ll be able to make your tickets to submit problems you’re having, inquire about issues, and offer suggestions.

CSULB Technology Helpdesk

Suppose you have trouble accessing the student center of mycsulb login to the account you have created or experience any other issue. In that case, you may reach out to the California State University, Long Beach IT helpdesk. There is a dedicated website for helpdesk details at csulb.com, which contains all contact information for CSULB IT help are listed. Here is the csulb tech support center’s official website navigation guide:

  • Visit the Helpdesk for Csulb IT on the official site.
  • The top-right corner of your screen has tabs. These tabs allow you to navigate the site to direct you to our knowledge base and our services.
  • Our homepage has IT Help, and information on how to contact us for requests open hours, opening hours, telephone number, and email address are all accessible on the left.
  • You can find services and details about system problems that are known commonly used services and security alerts on the right of this page.

How to Create A Ticket for Help to Csulb IT Help Center?

  • To make tickets, click to open an account at the top left corner.
  • Choose the ticket you’d prefer to submit service requests for, issues, questions, or to make suggestions.
  • The term “service request” refers to an action that requires approval, such as changing your name in your address in the email.
  • A situation could mean your account is locked, or you require a reset of your password.
  • Make sure you fill in the description and subject boxes and be as precise as you can.
  • If you have any images or other files that could help describe your problem, please do not hesitate to upload them.

How to View Csulb Ticket Requests?

  • To see the requests you’ve made before, go to the “View My Ticket Requests button.
  • If you click it, you’ll be able to search for a specific ticket or click on the tickets list on the lower right of the display.
  • If you open the ticket, you will view the information and resolution you were given.

How to Access and Use Knowledge Base Section at Csulb?

  • For access to the Knowledge Base, click on the Knowledge Base tab near the upper center. There are nine categories in the middle of this page.
  • Recent articles, popular articles as well as popular tags appear on the right of your screen.
  • Choose the category you’d like more details about, for example, Wi-Fi and Internet.
  • After you click on the category, you’d like to look at the related articles. All of them will appear.
  • When you click on the article you’re interested in; you’ll find information about that area and other articles on the right-hand side.

Mycsulb Technology Help Center Information

If you require further assistance, please reach out to the Csulb IT support center. The following are the contact numbers of the help desk for technology at mycsulb:

  • Phone Number: 562.985.4959
  • Email Address: helpdesk@csulb.edu
  • Technology Helpdesk Hours: Monday through Friday; 8 am-5 pm.


This is the entire story concerning the Mycsulb IT Help Desk. Students of Csulb can reach you anytime during working hours in case of any technical issue. Support in person is currently not possible due to the covid-19.

Csulb Helpdesk phone support is available from 8 am until 5 pm Monday through Friday. You can create an account for help urgently anytime and access it all hours of the day.

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