How to use SSC in CSULB


The student sustainability Coalition(SSC) was an organization that was founded within CSULB, California. The group was created to achieve specific goals such as solidarity and activism for the betterment of society. 

How to use SSC in CSULB

They also held an Annual State of the Environment Conference with great success. Though it was just created this year, they were able to effectively unite students and activists to benefit those who surround them and withstand the environmental disaster by working together.

 They are determined to assist those who are suffering from climate change. If you are interested in joining the group for the more significant cause, contact via mail at

CSULB Contacts for SSC👈

For admission to CSULB, you can contact them by telling at (562) 985-5471. You can also contact for the Transcript Order Information is (562) 985-5556. The exact street address is CSU Long Beach 1250 Bellflower Boulevard Long Beach, CA 90840.

Steps to use SSC in CSULB👈

There are vacancies for officer positions within SSC organizations. At present, there is an open position for eight executives officers(2020-21). 

It is recommended to visit the website for CSULB for further details.

When you apply for membership, you must be aware that membership is based on the dedication and dedication of its members. 

If you’re passionate and are a man who can handle working hard, you should be a part of this group.

First, you must be enrolled in MyCSULB. A second step is to fill out an application form. Must be filled in with the information required. It could contain the name, address of residence, email ID, phone number, the job you would like to be considered for, and the purpose for joining the company. 

Read the directions carefully for each post within the organization.

If you intend to complete the application online, sign up using your ID number.

 The necessary information must be filled out on the application. Please fill out the application once you have filled it up. You could get an email confirmation of successfully registering with the organization.

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