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MyCSULB – Login to MyCSULB Portal

MyCSULB provides an online login platform for users of California State University Long Beach students and employees. The portal was designed to simplify campus activities for students and staff of the college.

MyCSULB Login Portal

Students can access their class schedule, their GPA announcements, check their grades pay their fees, and manage their accounts from the MyCSULB students’ center. Numerous tasks can be accomplished through the My CSULB Okta website.

California State University, Long Beach (CSULB, Long Beach State, Cal State Long Beach, LBSU, or The Beach) are both public universities located within Long Beach, California, United States.

It was founded as a state college in the year 1949 by California Governor Earl Warren. Its initial name was Angeles-Orange County State University.


The CSULB University is located on the 322-acre campus, the third-largest of the 23 school California State University system (CSU). It provides 82 bachelor’s degrees, 65 kinds of master’s degrees, and four doctoral degrees.


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MyCSULB Student Center

The MyCSULB Student Center provides a “home base” to access your information about your student. 

Once you’ve logged in to Your Single Sign-On account with your username and password, click the “myCSULB” ” myCSULB” button to open Your Student Center. Your MyCSULB Student Center is organized in sections that are based on the nature of the information.

The Center provides a summary of information, including your schedule, outstanding balance, and contact details.

There are various choices available to gain access to all the data and transactions accessible. The website provides instructions and screenshots on navigating the MyCSULB Student Center to get all the information you need in the Student Record.

😀 Csulb financial aid

The CSULB Financial Aid office aids students in pursuing their educational goals. You can find out more about various ways to receive financial aid such as work-study, loans or grants, as well as scholarships and grants. For financial aid applications, apply the FAFSA (Free Form for Federal Student Aid) at

⏩ Grants

Grants are awarded based on the need for financial assistance and are state or federally funded. Donations don’t have to be paid back. Alternatives: Cal Grants, Educational Opportunity Grants, Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, State University Grants.

⏩ Loans

The loans are based on needs and are either private or federally supported, and students must repay the loan. Federal student loans are offered to FAFSA applicants, but they’re not available to applicants for DREAM. Alternatives: Federal Perkins Loan, Direct PLUS, Direct Stafford Loan.

⏩ Scholarships

Scholarships are private money available to students via separate applications, and the scholarships do not have to be paid back. Students are encouraged to use CSULB’s Center for Scholarship Information via Options: Department Scholarships, Private Scholarships, Middle-Class Scholarship.

⏩ California Dream Act – AB540 Students

AB540 students who don’t meet the qualifications to receive federal aid could be eligible for state and university assistance under the California Dream Act. Students who are not legally documented are able to pay in-state tuition to the university.

⏩ Job Opportunities

Many students decide to work to pay for their college tuition. There are numerous on-campus and off-campus employment opportunities. Opportunities include: Federal Work-Study and Student Assistantships, Off-Campus Employment

MyCSULB Benefits 😊

There is a list of essential features CSULB Employees and students have access to via My CSULB Account.

👉 Csulb employees can access their payslips, schedule of classes, benefits, pay stubs, and notices, such as summary and so on.

👉  You can join dental plans, medical plans, life insurance, health insurance, and more by using             your MyCSULB account login. This is available to employees as well as students.

👉  You can also look up the 403b plan’s enrollment as well as the contribution amounts.

👉  It offers remote network security options, such as Virtual Private Network (VPN), which allows students to use secure internal networks and computers over the internet.

👉 This portal uses encrypted tunnels to ensure that the student’s and employee’s information can’t be accessible with login passwords.

👉  Employees may apply for time off for sick leave and vacation time.

👉  They can see the balance of compensatory time off, use, and accrual (available to employees with no exemptions) via your access portal.

👉  Employees may request the absence of punches, time off, and more. By logging into CSULB’s portal. CSULB portal.

👉  Students can change their details, check withdrawals, and connect to their instructor through your My CSULB account.

👉  Other resources include chat documents, courses including audio and video calls teams and channels, and meeting capabilities with colleagues.

MyCSULB student center. MyCSULB lets you have access to your registration data and updates from across the world. You will need to sign in to your SSO Account to gain access to MyCSULB.

⏩ Student Academic Benefits 

👉  CSULB students can access the enrollment information and other registration plans, schedules, and dates via this portal.

👉  Find your place on the waiting list for enrollment.

👉  Students can access their academic results, classes schedules, submit assignments and updates.

👉  You can enroll using MyCSULB, the MyCSULB student center application.

👉  You can also monitor their performance and request online classes.

👉  My CSULB portal lets you issue borrow requests for your textbooks that are available from the library.

👉  Students can get a two-week pass for a free and 1-percent reduction on an annual subscription.

👉  Get Entertainment discounts and Financial Insurance, and benefits from credit unions.

👉  Visit bellflower boulevard for other enrollment options.

⏩ Employee Career Benefits 

Employees can access their schedules for work, along with college announcements and career options. They can also monitor their timetable and work reports on progress and performance via the CSULB Okta portal.

The most significant benefit is that it allows employees to access many possibilities for their future careers and career-building programs. CSULB also offers you the opportunity to develop your skills.

MyCSULB Okta Login 👈

👉  Go to MyCSULB Okta login website.


👉  From the drop-down menu, select “Research E-mail” or the “Lookup E-mail Address” option.

👉  Enter your ID and DOB in MM/DD/YYYYY format and click on next.

👉  You will then be asked questions. Make sure you answer them correctly to finish the exercise.

Enroll To MyCSULB 👈

👉  It is necessary to start your browser and go the CSULB’s official website.

👉  You’ll have two options for “Sign In” or “Sign Up” on the web page.

👉  Click on the Sign-up link, and enter your complete information there. Include your real name and employee ID, as well as your Social Security number, and address.

👉  Be sure to answer security questions so that you can secure the portal accounts.

👉  After you’ve filled in all the information, you’ll be directed to MyCSULB’s portal.

👉  Here, you need to choose the degree course that you’ve registered for.

CSULB Email Login 👈

MyCSULB Email login allows employees and students to complete their everyday tasks online via the portal. Users can use this feature on this portal to access the perspective of the understudy online and create live mail records using my CSULB Edu email login.

Employees can also access the office365 perspective via logins for the CSULB Employee login. Students can access all information related to their academic progress and careers, admissions, and more, through the CSULB students’ information centers.

Mycsulb Student Center is split into several sections so that you can easily navigate the portal. It is also possible to set preferences for users based on your preferences.

Your Personal Data: This area includes all the personal information you have, like names, birth dates, your home address, postal address, postal address, phone number, and more. If you want to update any personal data, you can change it by navigating to this section within Your Mycsulb Okta account.

⏩ Your Personal Information 

This specific section includes the entirety of your data. This consists of all of your personal information, including your address, home, postal address, and other information about contact details. You can organize all of the User Preferences and browse through the MyCSULB pages with ease.

⏩ Your Admission Info 

If you’re a newly enrolled student of California State University Long Beach, you can check your information about yourself as a student, along with related admission details, etc.

You can also pay for your registration via MyCSULB log-in page. You can also enroll in the SOAR Orientation to take part in the class in the early hours of the morning if you would like.

⏩ Your Academics 

Within this area, you will be able to look up the class schedules and timings and other details about your training. It also assists you in enrolling in your classes and eases the enrollment process each semester. There is a section “Academic History,” where students can check their enrolment record, view their prior test scores, the advisor’s notes, and even request official transcripts.

⏩ Your Degree Planner 

Additionally, it has a feature of degree planning that is available through your login portal. Through the online application, students can create their study plan to prepare for their post-baccalaureate and undergraduate tests.

⏩ Your Financial Accounts 

This section lets students see their financial details. This means you can review your payment history and enroll in payment plans and sign up for electronic refunds.

⏩ Your Financial Aid Opportunities 

Students can also sign to be a part of the scholarship and financial aid programs by visiting the My CSULB student center login portal section on financial aid. They can apply for financial aid forms and see the dates for disbursement of their financial aid.

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❤️ CSULB Housing Application Tutorial

Walkthrough of the CSULB Housing application

⏩ CSULB Housing Application Tutorial Highlight

  • 0:14 – How to Navigate to The Housing Application
  • 1:35 – Housing Intention
  • 2:04 – Personal Details
  • 2:34 – Profile Questions
  • 3:34 – Residence Halls
  • 3:37 – Where to Cancel Your Housing Application
  • 5:20 – Community Living
  • 5:37 – Meal Plans
  • 5:55 – Payment Options
  • 6:23 – CSULB Housing Contract
  • 7:05 – Service Fee Policy
  • 7:12 – Deferment Fee Option
  • 7:41 – How to Pay the Service Fee
  • 8:46 – Cashnet
  • 9:10 – Confirm/ Submit Application
  • 9:47 – Application Status
  • 10:12 – CSULB Housing and Residential Life Contact Information

⏩ Verdict 

MyCSULB Student Center provides students with an easy, speedy, and convenient method to log into their CSULB student Account online. You can update and manage their personal information via this login. You can access the MyCSULB login anytime, anywhere, any time. We hope that our guide will be helpful to you. If you still have questions, then leave a comment below.

FAQ About Mycsulb 👍

⏩ How do I access MyCSULB?

MyCSULB Student Center MyCSULB Student Center provides a “home base” to access your information about your students. After you have signed in to your Single Sign-On portal with your username along with your username and password, hit”myCSULB,” and then click on the “myCSULB” option to start the Student Center.

⏩ Is Cal State Long Beach a good school?

Cal State Long Beach has been named the 10th best public school in the country in new rankings announced from Money magazine. … The university was also ranked the number. 12, on the “Most Transformative Colleges” list, which rated the quality of their graduates’ graduation rates, earnings for graduates, and student loan repayment.

⏩ How do I find my student ID Csulb?

The Campus ID you have can be described as the nine-digit code in the lower right-hand part of each Enrollment Services communication. Note this number because it will be needed to access your admissions details.

⏩ What is the main reason you prefer California State University Long Beach?

CSULB has been ranked among the top cost-effective colleges in California, offering affordable tuition costs, an impressive social mobility rate, and the potential to earn money after graduation.

⏩ How do I get a new ID at Csulb?

For other students who need to obtain an ID card, or if you need a replacement card or additional information, please contact the ID Card Office at (562) 985-7388 or email us at

⏩ How do I check my beach Bucks balance Csulb?

To see the balance of your Beach Bucks balance, select “Accounts” on the menu options of the service. The updated balance will be displayed at the top of the screen.

⏩ How do I access my Csulb email?

Check BeachMail Email
  1. If you have a Microsoft Live or Hotmail account you must be logged out of it.
  2. Enter your Campus Email Address (e.g
  3. Enter your Password.
  4. Click Sign in.
  5. Click on the Outlook Email app to access your BeachMail account.

⏩ How much does it cost to go to Csulb for 4 years?

Based on the published tuition costs, We believe the price for an undergraduate degree that lasts for four years and living costs for California State University Long Beach to be $101,032 with the assumption that graduation will occur in standard time.

Year California Residents Non Residents
1 $25,258 $37,138
2 $25,507 $37,504
3 $25,759 $37,875
4 $26,013 $38,248

⏩ Does CSU Long Beach have dorms?

It is best to view these CampusReel videos to know what you can be sure of. But, California State University Long Beach (CSULB) dorms are like most colleges’ residence alternatives. Residence halls on campus typically have singles, doubles, and suites, and the floor plans vary between residence halls and residence halls.

⏩ Where do most students live in CSU Long Beach?

California State University–Long Beach has a total undergraduate student enrollment at 33,919 (fall 2020) and a gender ratio of 43 percent male students and 57 percent female students. In this university, 1 percent of students reside in college-owned, operated, or affiliated housing, and most students reside outside the campus.

⏩ Does CSULB require freshmen to live campus?

First-year students in their first year are required (as there is space) to reside within University Housing during their first year at CSULB unless they are at least 21 years old or living at home with a parent(s) or legal guardian(s) for the duration of their first year.

⏩ How much does CSULB cost per semester?

Cost of Attendance – California Residents
Expenses Commuter On-Campus Housing
Tuition & Mandatory Fees $6,846 $6,846
Room and Board $8,860 $14,270
Books and Supplies $1,070 $1,070
Transportation $1,362 $1,076

⏩ How do I drop out of CSULB?

To request a withdrawal, you will need to:
  1. Complete the online withdrawal request to withdraw from one or more classes. …
  2. Provide a serious and compelling reason on your request form.
  3. Continue attending class until your request is approved.
  4. If your request is approved, you will receive a W on your transcript.

⏩ Is CSULB on a quarter system?

California State University, Long Beach is a semester-based system supplemented by a summer term that is fee-supported and a winter session that is fee-supported.

⏩ Do CSULB dorms have WIFI?

Wireless internet is available in all Residential Colleges using Beachnet+.

⏩ Does fafsa cover winter classes CSULB?

Non-matriculated/Visiting students will be required to pay fees for classes at the time of registration. The registration for a class is not considered valid without paying. Can financial aid be provided to students taking courses during Winter Intersession? The answer is no. Financial assistance is not offered in Winter Intersession.

⏩ Is CSU Long Beach safe?

California State University – Long Beach Reported No Incidents Involving Students in 2019. CSULB, like many other schools, reported actively that there were no crime or safety incidents that involved students on campus.

⏩ Can you have a car as a freshman at CSULB?

First year freshman students may not bring a car to campus and instead are expected to utilize public transportation.

⏩ Can I take a semester off CSULB?

If you wish to take a semester off, you must submit an Educational Leave Form. This form will not require approval for the Fall 2020 semester. Send your completed form to Enrollment Services via

⏩ Is CSULB going to be online for spring 2022?

Based on public health officials’ recommendations and out of an abundance of caution, we will begin our spring semester on January 20 with mostly remote instruction, delaying most face-to-face instruction until Monday, February 7.

⏩ Is CSULB back in person?

Vital information to be aware of Spring Semester 2022

Instruction in person in-person for face-to-face classes will resume on February 7, Monday. Students will be able to access their courses on Beachboard or check for email messages from their instructors concerning the course’s instruction delivery.

⏩ When can I enroll CSULB?

Registration Appointment Times
Class Level Registration Period
Continuing students Registration usually begins: Fall: Early April Winter: Mid-October Spring: Late October Summer: Mid-March
New graduate students and new returning students Registration begins after all continuing students have had access to register.

⏩ What is Open University CSULB?

Open University offers anyone the possibility of participating in a class without being accepted into the school. It is possible to take classes in a limited number of spaces and get college credit in the Spring and Fall semesters.

⏩ Is CSULB going online?

CSU Fully Online Program is available to all CSULB students who are enrolled who have completed more than 12 hours at CSULB and have good academic status, and have an average GPA of at the minimum of 2.0. Transfer students enrolled in the program are eligible to take part in the first year at CSULB when they satisfy all other conditions.

⏩ Does CSULB require Covid vaccine?

All non-represented students and personnel visiting campus must receive the COVID 19 booster shot before FEBRUARY 28th, 2022, or six months after receiving their final dose of first vaccination, whichever occurs later.

⏩ Does CSULB do Covid testing?

COVID-19 testing is by appointment only.

⏩ Is CSULB going online?

CSU Fully Online Program is available to all CSULB students who have completed more than 12 hours at CSULB, have good academic status, and have an overall GPA of at minimum 2.0. Students about to transfer can participate in the first year at CSULB provided they meet the other conditions.

⏩ Does CSULB require a 2022 SAT?

The California State University (CSU) has temporarily stopped using the ACT/SAT exams to determine admission eligibility at all CSU campuses in the academic years 2021-2022 as well as 2022-2023. years.