Preparing for SOAR at CSULB

Preparing for SOAR at CSULB

Thank you to all California State University Long Beach students for their acceptance and choice to join CSULB. If you are registering for the classes, you will need to complete a few things. You can look up the tasks list on the mycsulb students center. If you haven’t already completed this, please send the $150 enrollment deposit: next step, register to participate in SOAR training.

What is CSULB SOAR Workshop?

SOAR is an extensive orientation program designed to facilitate a smooth transition to California State University, Long Beach. It is a mandatory event that assists new students and transfer students make the transition into CSULB. This means that all CSULB undergraduate students must attend the SOAR seminar before beginning their classes.

How to Sign UP for SOAR Workshop?

To be able to attend the SOAR orientation, the first step is to sign up for it. The procedure for registration:

  • To sign up for an event, log into the MyCSULB account. MyCSULB account.
  • Click on the Register for SOAR link, then follow the steps provided.
  • Be aware that you must pay a one-time, non-refundable fee for the workshop before attending the desired workshop.

Preparing for CSULB SOAR Workshop

To assist you in preparing to attend your SOAR workshop, we’ve designed this brief outline to help you know what to bring to SOAR.

  • The day before your class, you will be able to check-in from the 1st floor in Brotman Hall.
  • The workshop starts at 8 am and will conclude around 5 pm. Arriving late will be required to be rescheduled for a later seminar, so make sure you are punctual.

What information will you require to bring along on SOAR Orientation?

To assist you with your SOAR workshop time, it is beneficial to bring these items to the workshop:

  • Any correspondence you received about the SOAR workshop date that you need to carry along.
  • In particular, the confirmation mailer includes your campus ID number as well as your declared major. SOAR workshop one-day parking permits.
  • Ensure you park in the designated student parking lots and keep the Soar parking pass on your car dashboard.
  • When you attend your SOAR workshop, You can anticipate from 45 minutes to an hour-long walk around the campus.
  • In this regard, please dress in appropriate clothing and shoes that are comfortable.
  • Transfer students must bring along original copies of their college transcripts. Newcomers should have copies of all results from tests.
  • They comprise Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), SAT, ACT, and EPT and ELM test scores. These documents can help SOAR advisors assist you in making the best choices for your classes.
  • If you have any concerns regarding your significant change, you should call Enrollment Services before attending your SOAR workshop by calling (562) 985-5471.

If you have questions regarding the SOAR workshop or require any assistance, please contact SOAR via phone at (562) 985-5515 and pressing “0” to speak with an agent or via email SOAR is open from Monday to Friday, from 8 am until 5 pm.


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