How to purchase Csulb Health Insurance

How to purchase Csulb Health Insurance

Are you searching for information on how to buy health insurance from the csulb? If so, then you’re at the right spot. This article will provide you with information about the most trusted health insurance company and the steps on how to purchase health insurance.

How to Purchase Health Insurance Csulb?

If you’re a Csulb student, you can purchase health insurance from JCB Insurance Solutions. It is the most reputable health insurance provider. The steps below will help you obtain health insurance for csulb students:

  • In your web browser, enter The search box will appear before CSU Long Beach and select the international program and click on the go button.
  • If you’re not sure regarding health insurance. This window contains an explanation video of the process of insurance coverage. We strongly recommend watching.
  • To continue, scroll down to select which program you’re in and choose the word.
  • We suggest that you download the brochure of the plan to be the sole record.
  • Then, go through the enrollment check for information. I have read and agree with the information above. If you agree with it, it’ll go to the next section of this screen; you can sign in to your account already in place or make a new account.
  • Create a new account. The process for paying will be the same as before this step. Fill in the form using your email address, password, student ID and your date of birth.
  • That after that, click on”Create Account. “Create an Account” button.
  • You’ll fill in the spaces with your details when you are done, press Save and then continue on this screen.
  • Enter your credit card details to pay the insurance cost if the billing address is not in the United States. Input the US address on the final page to verify your vehicle.
  • Check that all information you provide is complete. If it is, click the Finish button and then pay for your purchase. You will be notified via email that you’ve successfully bought the insurance.


There is no need to call the Csulb office following the purchase of insurance. The insurance company will notify them of the asset from JCB insurance. Please allow three days for your hole to get emptied. We hope that this information was helpful. Should you have any questions about purchasing health insurance from Csulb, we’d love to hear from you by leaving feedback.


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