How to submit a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal

 Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal

Are you interested in knowing what you need to do to make a proper academic progression appeal to CSULB? If so, then you’re in the right spot.

This article will assist you to know about the financial aid process, SAP standards & policy and will provide you with the methods to file and submit an appeal after you’ve been exempt in MyCsulb Financial Aid.

The SAP policy is only available to financial aid recipients but not to the entire students.

Through this post, you’ll also learn about Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)? What are the CSULB SAP standards and the processing timeframe? What are the causes of disqualification? How do you make a successful appeal if you are disqualified due to or about GPA, PACE, and time limits? We will also go over the resources offered by universities to assist you in attaining academic success.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Standards

Your SAP standing is assessed after each semester, in spring, fall, and summer, to determine. If you meet the CSULB SAP standards, you can be eligible to receive Federal and State financial aid. Your SAP status is influenced by three key measures: GPA, PACE, and the maximum timeframe.


  • GPA for undergraduate students Your cumulative GPA has to be at least 2.0.
  • If you’re enrolled in a credentialing program or are pursuing the second degree of a bachelor’s, your cumulative GPA must be at least 2.5.
  • Students in the graduate and professional levels are required to maintain at a minimum a 3.0 GPA cumulatively.


PACE standard refers to your rate of completion. It compares all the earned units you have against. All the teams you have attempted. This includes those that you don’t have financial support. You must have the minimum requirement of 67% to satisfy the provisions of this standard. It is essential that you need to pass 67% of the classes you’ve taken.

Maximum Time Frame

The objective that financial aid serves is to assist you in meeting the initial goal of your program. You are allowed to complete 15% of the duration of your first program. For instance, an Undergrad program usually has 120 units. We will allow 180 units, which gives you a 60-unit buffer to finish your program. If you go over 180 units, then you’ve already exceeded the MTF.

Note: that the academic review for financial aid is not linked with an educational evaluation conducted by the department you work for.

MYCSULB Academic Standing and SAP Comparison

An Academic Review of your program is not the same as Financially Satisfactory Academic Progress. Family and Academic Status and graduation are determined by GPA and credits that have been completed. Contrary to this, Financial aid SAP is built on three standards that we previously discussed GPA, pace, and the maximum time frame.

The standards for timely graduation are applied to undergraduates only. SAP standards are applicable for all undergraduates. Inability to meet academic requirements impacts your academic Status at CSULB, and the financial SAP status affects your financial ability to graduate.

The loss of financial aid will mean that you are not able to attend classes. However, you are accountable for paying all costs associated with the course you are enrolled in.

  • Mycsulb Applicant Self Services
  • CSULB Student Financial Services

MyCSULB SAP for Financial Aid

The student center on MyCSULB will provide you with your SAP assessment.

  • To access the program, you’ll be required to select “SAP Financial Aid” in the drop-down menu, as illustrated in this instance.
  • After you have selected SAP to receive financial assistance, this is how it appears on the screen.
  • Be aware of the Pay attention to Aid Year, Term, and effective date to ensure that you have the most current information.
  • You’ll be able to see how you compare to standards for financial acceptance.
  • The first section outlines the GPA you must earn for your job, and the amount of your GPA will be.
  • The PACE standard will display the required pace and the place you are about the requirements for rate. To the right of the screen, you’ll see”Status. “Status.”
  • The GPA normal status of the student has been set to “FAIL” as the student has a GPA of 0.333, lower than the GPA minimum for an undergraduate.
  • This PACE normal status is “FAIL.” You can observe that the student’s completion rate is not the required amount of completed units.
  • In the following example, you can see that the student’s max time frame condition is “FAIL” “FAIL.”
  • The remaining units left are not as high as the maximum amount of units allowed by the program. This means that this student took on more teams than what is permitted.

Reasons That Lead to the SAP Disqualification

Let’s look at the causes that can cause a step to be disqualified. These circumstances can impact your GPA and PACE but aren’t limited to these.

  • The pattern of failed courses, for example, receiving W’S. W F’S, Incomplete, No Credit, and RD. Repetition of classes
  • You are taking classes that are not part of the program’s goal.
  • 100-200 levels of a graduate student.
  • The PACE standard examination looks at every unit you’ve completed. What percentage of them were completed.
  • In the end, you should have completed 67% of the units you’ve attempted to meet and have moved in to fulfill this standard.
  • For instance, if you took eight units, you are a 50 PACE grad, but you only passed four out of those eight units.
  • The final factor that can cause fat disqualification is MTF. Things that impact the maximum duration of time include taking too many classes or switching majors, taking extra program courses that aren’t related to the major you are taking or transferring too numerous remedial courses.

Steps to Submit CSULB Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

After you have received the email disqualifying you, the email will include specific instructions for the appeal you need to submit, the best way to complete it, and what’s required.


Let’s concentrate on essential things. The appeal must focus on the circumstances that affected your ability to satisfy some or all of the SAP standards. The request must also detail the modifications you implemented to address the circumstances to ensure that you’ll meet SAP standards in the future.

In addition to high-quality and frequent coursework, other situations can lead to applying different terms. SAP guidelines include experiencing an unexpected or injury illness, being involved in an accident, or sustaining an injury. You may have suffered the loss of a loved one or a significant person throughout your lifetime.

We know that life can be unpredictable and that certain situations can impact your academic performance. The SAP appeal lets you tackle those issues and describe what transpired and the modifications you’ve implemented to the upcoming SAP standard.

Additional Tips

One helpful thing to remember is to go over your Csulb unofficial transcript and your address every semester you get a grade that is not passing. Your transcript that is not official can be viewed in your student portal after going through your transcript. This can help you to create an event calendar that will help you write your statement.

Maximum Time Frame

If your program isn’t in compliance with the maximal duration requirement, you’ll have to identify the causes that caused you more than 150% of your total program duration. We want to know the reason you tried several units. And the more details you provide you can provide, the more precise.

Additional Requirement (MTF)

In addition to your declaration In addition to your statement, you need to meet to consult with an advisor on academics to define all the remaining coursework in your major program. The timetable of your remaining courses must be included in the time limit of your appeal by now.


There is a timetable of the SAP process from the moment Csulb has sent an SAP disqualification letter until you receive the final decision regarding your appeal. Your SAP is evaluated after every semester.


If you’re unsatisfactory and exempt, you will receive an email message from the CSULB office informing you that you are in good standing. This email is sent to your email account at me.

You will have up to four weeks from when Csulb emailed the SAP disqualification email to file your appeal. The sooner you file your request, the more favorable it is. The calendar on the right is a fantastic illustration of how four weeks will look like.

If you received the status confirmation email on this day, you would receive it two days later, on the 29th. Be aware that four weeks are not equivalent to 30 days. Weekends are included in the four-week timeframe.

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  • Students at CSULB request permission to be withdrawn

After the sub-committee is informed of the appeal, they’ll look into the request. The sub-committee will contact you via your student csulb email if they require any additional information following the review of your appeal. A decision will be taken then you’ll be informed by email to your students if the request was accepted or rejected.

If your request is granted and the financial aid award is accepted, it will be issued within a couple of days. If your appeal is rejected, your financial aid award is not released, meaning you’re not eligible to receive aid.

You can contest this decision by appealing to a higher level to the director of financial aid. In the end, the result of appeals that are denied means that you’ll be responsible for the cost of your education at your own expense until you’ve met SAP requirements.

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