Why is Csulb so Selective?

Why is Csulb so Selective?👈

CSULB is among the most prestigious Universities in the United States is among the best and has reached the highest levels of achievement. 

Why is Csulb so Selective.

Because of its rapid expansion and increasing popularity, the number of students applying to the university is massive. The head of the university has decided to be very selective in the admission of candidates. 

The university aims to offer an excellent education to a set of students who have a high level of potential.

Steps for Admission to CSULB👈

👉  Every student has to meet the requirements of marks to be considered for admission.

👉  Alongside prints, you have to pass an admission test, which will determine students‘ academic ability.

👉  Following the test results, your choice is confirmed.

👉 Note:  that due to the vast number of applicants and an insufficient number of seats, the outcome of this admission test is performed thoroughly.

Competition in CSULB👈

In the crowd of applicants, only a tiny portion of students (38 percent in the year 2018-19) are considered for admission, of the 18 percent in the program.

This shows how difficult it is to stand an opportunity to apply for admission in the MyCSULB. The admissions test can be challenging to pass. If you don’t have exemplary dedication and commitment, it isn’t easy to make it into CSULB.

Streams in CSULB👈

These streams are offered at CSULB:

✔️ Marketing

✔️ Business studies 

✔️ Engineering

✔️ Arts

✔️ Management

✔️ Social science

Each department within this university is distinctive. They have the finest faculty to ensure a greater understanding of students.

They are very concerned about the student’s academic performance. Live and online classes are very advanced when submitting projects or assignments that can be made online.

The results of a student’s academic achievements are highly praised each year by everyone. The majority of students who study here earn top marks and grades. The comments of parents and students are appreciated.

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